Playing the Penny Slots

Back in March Bob and Kish went to the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia for a brief getaway. I remember seeing a post card from Kish on mom’s kitchen table saying how she thought mom would love the place so thanks to the suggestive post card and the mention of somewhere for mom to spend some of her vast fortune it got the wheels turning. This past Sunday several family members and I headed down to West Virginia to check the place out.

I had done a little research on the internet before going and saw the Greenbrier had just recently added a casino with Blackjack tables, a craps table and multiple slot machines. Typically in the past when visiting casinos in Vegas I would only play the table games, but any more playing the table games has become much more expensive. I had a friend who played only penny slots, so I joined her in doing so and I really enjoyed myself. Earlier this year when I was down in St Marteen, I made up my mind to only play penny slots.

Below is an interesting video about penny slots and their new found attraction with the downturn in the economy so it looks as though my friend and I are not alone. People find it hard to believe when I tell them I won close to one thousand dollars playing the penny slots at the Greenbrier, but it can pay off.

In the old days you dropped a penny in the slot, pulled the arm and waited to find out if you were a winner, but not any more. With the resurgence of the penny slot, there has also come a reinvention of the penny slot by the gaming industry. You now have many choices as to how many lines you want to play and whether or not you want to multiple your bet. On some penny slots you can spend as much as ten dollars a spin or more. So it’s not really a penny slot any more, in fact most penny slots you can no longer bet a penny.

So next time you visit the casino have some cheap fun and check out the penny slots. It’s a good time and your money will hopefully last a little longer.

5 thoughts on “Playing the Penny Slots

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