It was Inevitable

What happened earlier today with the Tressel resignation is really no surprise to me, except that it took as long as it did for him to resign. As I mentioned in a previous post back in March, Coach lost my support when he signed the NCAA document on December 8th saying that he knew nothing about the tattoo parlor incident when he in fact had received details the prior April.

I can understand that initially Coach Tressel’s thoughts were that he wanted to protect the players and that there might have been an issue with confidentiality, but when you forward the e-mail about the incident to Pryor’s confidante in Pennsylvania and not to the athletic director of Ohio State, that’s a HUGE mistake in my humble opinion. Tressel should have come clean during the March press conference and he didn’t.

I am also bothered about the way athletic director Gene Smith and school president Gordon Gee handled the situation once they knew about it. When Ohio State held the press conference Gene Smith should have said that the university was going to conduct a more broad and comprehensive investigation to determine if there were more rules infractions that took place. Maybe then the details of car deals and living arrangement benefits might have been uncovered.

For Gee to say to the media, I have no intention of firing Coach Tressel, I only hope he doesn’t fire me has to be one of the dumbest statements I have ever heard ! Has college athletics gotten so big that the president of a major university is afraid to reprimand his own coach ? I think that Gee was treating Tressel as if he was above the NCAA rules that every other school has to follow and I think this is inexcusable.

I hope I am wrong, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the NCAA decides to open up a second investigation into the new allegations that have recently come out. I wonder how Buckeye fans are going to react when we are slapped with NCAA sanctions of one, two or three years of probation not to mention the loss of numerous scholarships. I am as big a Buckeye fan as the next person, but the next few years are going to be very tough for Buckeye Nation.

2 thoughts on “It was Inevitable

  1. I agree 100% and as I have been trying to talk about it w/my spouse and others I have gotten so much pushback and negative feedback! Everyone was on Tress’ side, I on the other hand was let down and so dissapointed! I feel like being a head coach for such a large University with such an esteemed athletics/football program one should act with the utmost integrity, I feel like he has taken advantage of his role and let down many an alum but most our afraid to speak out against him b/c he’s been so great for the football program!! Whatever! Keep your nose clean!! He knew all of the shady misdealings he shouldve held his players accountable and nipped it all in the bud!! Nope he just turns the proverbal cheek and now look! Don’t get me wrong I was a HUGE fan of his but now I’m just dissapointed, let down, ashamed and sad! Boo Hiss Jim Tressel! Boo hiss!!


  2. I agree that Tressel had to go. It boggles the mind that someone who held such universal respect, could make such disappointing decisions. Tressel will remain a Columbus icon, but he couldn’t continue as head coach.


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