Living With The Rabbit Intruder

Lately we’ve been running into this little fellow a lot.

We see him sitting in our yard, patiently nibbling something, and hopping around in the yards of our neighbors.  Often he will be sitting in the shadows when Penny and I take our morning walks, ready to dart away when Penny detects his presence and makes the first great lunge in his direction.  And telltale signs of his presence are everywhere, from the hosta leaves in our side yard that have been gobbled down to the nub to the missing, but apparently tender and tasty, buds that have gnawed off our flowers.

This guy is a pretty mangy creature, and clearly he is an awesomely destructive force in the flower and ground covering area.  Still, I’m inclined to just live and let live so long as the destruction doesn’t escalate.  It’s nice to see furry woodland creatures in our standard suburban neighborhood, even at the price of a few hosta leaves.

2 thoughts on “Living With The Rabbit Intruder

  1. Not only do I have rabbit troubles, but the deer eat all my hosta two years ago. In the past they were too timid to come down the lane during the summer months, but the are getting tamer….

    So I bought: “Liquid Fence” (available at garden & farm supply stores)

    It is a natural repellent (garlic is one of the main ingredients) that is completely safe for pets & people. The scent repels the pests but does not hurt them (and you do not notice it after about an hour after application). Easy to use, two applications the first two weeks, then once a month…..

    My hosta have never looked better!


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