Weiner’s World, In Treatment Mode

These days, whenever a politician or celebrity engages in unacceptable behavior, they try to take the heat off by saying they are going to receive “treatment” for their condition.  I guess we are all supposed to feel sorry for them, applaud their courageous decision to seek treatment for their affliction, and lay off any further criticism for the behavior that landed them in hot water in the first place.

So it is with Anthony Weiner.  He is resisting an avalanche of calls for his resignation, and instead says he will take a leave of absence to “enter a psychological treatment center” where he will try to “deal with a pattern of reckless online behavior with women.”  No doubt his “treatment” at the Center for Reckless Online Behavior with Women will be paid for by the gold-plated health care plan that every Member of Congress receives, and then at some point he will spring forth and announce that he is “cured.”  And in the meantime, we will get more information about creepy photos that Weiner took and apparently sent to unsuspecting internet users, like photos of a towel-clad Weiner in the House of Representatives gym.  Evidently he honestly thought he was one of the hottest studs around.

Doesn’t Representative Weiner have any shame?  Shame may be an old-fashioned concept in this modern world, but it would be great for everyone if it came back into fashion.  It would save us the awful spectacle of this pathetic guy who is twisting in the wind and nevertheless hopes that so long as he clings to his job, despite all that has happened, he can somehow revive his dead political career.  C’mon, Congressman Weiner!  It is time to do the right thing, already!

2 thoughts on “Weiner’s World, In Treatment Mode

  1. I kept searching for the part for where you would write exactly why you think he should resign. I agree what he did was pretty juvenile. I feel sorry for his poor wife. But I think if the majority of his constituents want him to continue to serve(which polls say they do) then he should stay. If he is eventually forced to resign, it would be ironic that he had to resign for actually doing so little — for actually NOT having sex, but just thinking & talking about. I’m curious did you write about it several times and call for the resignation of Vitter when he visited prostitutes. He actually had sex AND broke the law.


  2. I explained why I think Representative Weiner is unfit to serve in Congress here: http://webnerhouse.com/2011/06/06/weiners-world-crashing-down/
    Although I have not written about Senator Vitter, I have written about John Ensign here http://webnerhouse.com/2011/04/22/ho-hum/ and Representative Christopher Lee here http://webnerhouse.com/2011/02/10/life-lessons-from-the-shirtless-congressman/
    I don’t think this is a partisan issue. I think Americans have a right to insist that elected representatives from both parties satisfy certain basic requirements and behavioral standards. When someone aggressively and repeatedly lies to the public, as Representative Weiner clearly did, that person is showing contempt for the public and disrespect for his position and is not fit to serve in one of our most important public offices.


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