An American Scene

How many small towns in America have you driven through on summer vacations where a white clapboard church was a prominent part of the local scenery?  In colonial days, and for more than a hundred years thereafter, a town’s local church was the center of activity and social life.  Those churches typically were not grand, awesome structures, such as you might find in Europe, but instead were simple, small, and unassuming — three qualities that make them distinctive and attractive today.

This photo was taken last summer of the church in Omena, Michigan.

2 thoughts on “An American Scene

  1. Hey, what were you doing up in Omena? Leah’s family is from that part of northern Michigan— her mother lives between Omena and Northport. We spend two weeks every summer in Leelanau County—I love it up there and suspect we will spend our retirement summers there.


  2. We were up there last summer, staying at a friend’s cottage on Grand Traverse Bay. It is just beautiful up there — you should visit if you haven’t done so already.


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