A Dad’s Thoughts On Fathers’ Day

I’m a Dad, and today is Fathers’ Day. It doesn’t feel any different from a normal day — except that when Kish and I went to have breakfast this morning in Willsboro, New York, the waitress called me “honey” and told me that my meal was half price in honor of Fathers’ Day. I had pancakes in grateful celebration.

I don’t want or need anything material for Fathers’ Day. No cologne or ties or “No. 1 Dad” coffee cup, thank you very much. Yesterday we got to see Russell at his new place in Brooklyn, and I have been happily reading Richard’s posts about his travels in Europe. What more do I need?

I can’t speak for all Dads, of course, but this Dad just wants the children who have made him a Dad in the first place to be safe, secure, happy, and making their way in the world. This Dad wants them to be proud of themselves, to be good citizens and good people, and to be capable, interested, active participants in their communities and the world at large. When I see signs of those things with our boys, it is the best Fathers’ Day present I could possibly get.

Happy Fathers’ Day to every other proud Dad in the Dad-i-verse.

1 thought on “A Dad’s Thoughts On Fathers’ Day

  1. Well said Mr. Webner !

    Spent part of father’s day at the airport putting our youngest on a plane to Africa. She’s off to do medical field research for OSU College of Veterinary Medicine in remote areas of northern Cameroon. As a dad, it’s: 1) a bit scary, and 2) one of life’s joys to see your child follow her dreams of adventure.

    Happy Father’s Day!


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