Williams Yee Needs Help!

There is this guy named Williams Yee who has been sending me emails for months now.  I don’t know who he is, or where he lives.  And the email is always the same!  It reads:

Dear counsel,

I am contacting you in regards to a breach of business loan agreement with a client in your locality. I provided a loan to the company so that they can meet up with their management and operational obligation during the rough economic climate of last year. I provided the company with an emergency loan of $270,500 with a term of 12 months and fixed interest rate of 7.0%. The repayment period has since elapsed but the company has been unable to finalize the repayment of the loan and have only paid $90,000.00 till date.Let me know if this falls under the scope of your practice so that I can provide you with more information on this matter.

Best Regards

Williams Yee

At first I just ignored these emails, but now I am troubled.  Poor Williams Yee!  He needs help!  Can’t any “counsel” in this “locality” help Williams Yee as he tries to collect from the “company” that needed his “emergency loan” so that it could “meet up with their management and operational obligation” but now has stiffed him?  With so much detail, provided by the unduly trusting yet obviously wealthy Williams, surely there is a “counsel” who would help him right this colossal wrong!

1 thought on “Williams Yee Needs Help!

  1. This is a scam. This (person) has also tried reaching attorneys and/or collection agencies – to settle. No one should ever agree to send money to someone you don’t know (period) no matter what the promise of return may be…

    Just ask that person to do the same for you (ask THEM to send you money) for your time/services and see how fast they run!!!


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