Saturday Night With The Crew

Last night Kish and I had my Vorys mentees — Prew, Ru, Brew, and Shu — and their families over for a cookout to start the holiday weekend.  In recognition of my recent purchase and blog posting, the mentees decided everyone should wear a hat.  It was touching gesture that made the occasion even more fun.

We had a cheese plate, chips, white bean dip, and black bean salsa.  Brew brought an orzo salad chock full of inedible vegetables.  I tried with limited success to make the addictive warm balsamic popcorn dish served at Crop in Cleveland.  Noah charmed all assembled.  White wine, pina coladas, and beer flowed like melted ice in the hot sun.  Cobby and Bram apparently found a helicopter in our bushes.  Penny behaved so badly she was ashamed to show her face to the camera.  We grilled marinated chicken, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and brats.  Prew’s lemon tart was a big hit come dessert time.

And at the end of the evening, a few hardy stalwarts remained, talking and brushing away insects in the warm summer air as afternoon turned to twilight and finally to full evening.  It was a very good way to start the Fourth of July weekend.

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