Getting To the Point

On Wednesday the annual Webner family reunion gets underway.  To start the reunion off with a bang, a bunch of us will go up to Cedar Point.

If you’ve never been there, Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio, is one of the premier amusement parks in the world.  It is a destination trip for roller coaster afficionados because it has more than a dozen roller coasters that variously take you 310 feet into the air, blast you from a dead stop to 120 miles per hour in a split second, and corkscrew you head over heels at high speeds.  In addition to roller coasters, Cedar Point also has water rides and other thrill rides.  This year’s new ride is called Windseeker, which is a like the old swing ride found at many amusement parks — except on heavy steroids.  Windseeker takes riders 300 feet into the air, far above the Lake Erie shoreline, and rips them around at 30 miles per hour.

I’m looking forward to the visit because I haven’t been to Cedar Point in a while, and it is always fun to test your nerve on the new rides and the old favorites.  The best ride at the Point, in my book, remains Millennium Force, which is one of the highest, fastest roller coasters in the world.  The official point of view video gives you a sense — but only a dim sense — of what it is like to ride this monster:

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