The Delayed Flight, Empty Airport, No TV, Waiting Game Blues

I’m here at the Akron-Canton Airport, waiting for Russell’s AirTrans flight to arrive.

Why the Akron-Canton Airport, you ask? Because Russell’s flight to Columbus was first delayed, and then cancelled, and there were no other flights from LaGuardia to Columbus tonight. So we did some quick internet searches, saw an AirTrans flight to Akron-Canton that was open, and grabbed it. We figured we were coming up north for the reunion anyway, so why not just come up a night early? And, therefore, here I am.

The Akron-Canton Airport is probably like a lot of small, regional airports at 10 p.m. on a weeknight — that is, dead. Everything is closed. There is almost no one here, and no TV or other distractions to help pass the time. The only people you see stumble past like the dazed, misguided souls being led in the wrong direction after the ship capsized in The Poseidon Adventure.

Probably because there is nothing else to do, I can’t help checking the monitor repeatedly, where I see that Russell’s flight information is blinking — which means another delay. Arrrgh!

Help me! I’m in hell!

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