As Boring As A Rain Delay

Ever wonder what happens to the fans at a baseball game when there is a rain delay?

We’re here waiting out a rain delay at Progressive Field in Cleveland — although I’ll always think of it as The Jake — and I can attest, the correct answer is: absolutely nothing. The rain starts and people move from their seats to positions under the overhang. The rain stops and you move back to your seats and dry them off. And all the while you gaze anxiously at the sky.

This really sucks, because we have great seats and were pumped to watch a division matchup against the White Sox. So far, we’ve waited an hour and 20 minutes, with no sign the game will ever start.

Edited to add:  We stayed for about an hour and a half, then decided to bag it with no end of the rain in sight.  We beat the traffic out, and they called the game about 30 minutes later.

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