Booze Cruise 2011

Last night was Booze Cruise night at the Webner family reunion.  Each year the Captain and friendly crew of the Sawmill Explorer take us out for a voyage on Lake Erie in a boat filled with food, cold beer, and some other summer drinks.

This year, the weather threw us a curveball.  A huge, violent storm rolled in during the afternoon, lashing the area with high winds and torrential rain.  There were all kinds of boating warnings in effect.  As a result, we couldn’t have the Booze Cruise at its traditional, pre-dinner time, and instead could only go out on the water after our meal, at around 8 p.m. 

That turned out to be a delightful change, however.  The storm cooled things off and knocked all of the biting flies out of the air, and when we were out on the water enjoying our adult beverages and some excellent steel-drum music we cruised all the way past Cedar Point and witnessed a fine Lake Erie sunset.


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