Cats Exposed As “Pretend Predators”

I have to admit it:  I don’t like cats.  We had one once.  It was a calico cat that Kish and the boys named “Baby,” which is an embarrassing name for any full-grown creature.  It pretty much ignored us when it wasn’t annoying us, and ran away when we moved to New Albany.  Good riddance!

So, I wasn’t really moved to tears when I saw this piece about cats disappearing in Lakewood, Colorado.  No one wants to see their neighbors’ pets ripped to bloody shreds by wild animals, of course.  (Although I confess seeing the finicky Morris get his just desserts wouldn’t trouble me.)  But I did take some satisfaction in the fact that the article really exposes cats as pretenders.  Often you hear about cats being such “natural hunters” because they occasionally bring home a mouse or a dead bird.  It’s a sham, of course, as this article demonstrates.  It turns out that cats not only can’t hold their own against animals like foxes and raccoons, these soft, tubby felines apparently are actually used as harmless training prey for the babies of foxes and raccoons.  How embarrassing for the haughty, untamed predators of the suburbs!

Of course, clueless, shambling dogs like Penny probably also would get creamed by the wild animals hunting the streets and backyards of Lakewood, but at least they don’t have have a ‘tude about it, or hold themselves out as anything other than a happy, panting, Iams munching, sleeping in the sunlight member of the family.

2 thoughts on “Cats Exposed As “Pretend Predators”

  1. Not all cats are the same, obviously, many of them are strong and can hold their own hunting tougher things. It is the owner’s fault if a cat is a tubby ball of lard, for feeding it too much and not providing it with something to give it proper exercise if it lives indoors. And I don’t get the whole “cats have a ‘tude” thing. There are just as many dogs with a ‘tude. Take my dog, who barks all damn day for food…but once again it’s not so much her fault as it is the owners….my parents, who got her when I was in preschool and knew nothing of how to train a dog, otherwise I would have saved her xD Anyway, just saying, cats and dogs are the sex and CAN’T WE CAT AND DOG PEOPLE ALL JUST GET ALONG? GASP. Haha, goodbai now.


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