I Hate Hangers!

After careful consideration, and a weekend of putting away clothing, I’ve decided:  I hate hangers.

I hate the cheap, thin wire hangers we get from the dry cleaners, the ones that can’t bear the weight of a gnat without bending.  I hate the bulky plastic hangers that you often get when you buy a suit, with the black plastic top that is wide enough to land aircraft on.  I hate the wooden hangers that Penny has chewed on.  I hate the snap shut hangers, with their plastic slats that long ago lost their ability to securely hold a woman’s skirt.  I hate the poofy, satiny hangers that Kish bought that are supposed to look posh but have short hooks that make them a pain to hang.  And, more than anything, I hate it when hangers get tangled up and you can’t pull one out without others coming with it and falling to the floor.

I recognize that hangers serve an important function.  Forget about mousetraps, though — can’t anyone build a better hanger?

4 thoughts on “I Hate Hangers!

  1. Very pleased that you have taken on the job of hangar critic; saves me time and disappointment. Like your wife, I am drawn to the “poofy, satiny hangars” because they’re pretty and luxurious. The only thing that has stood between me and progress is the tiresome chore of pawning all of my old hangars off on some unsuspecting soul so I can have a matched set of poof and satin. Now that I know they’re unsatisfactory I won’t bother, thank you! Mysteriously, my husband’s side of the closet is a magnet for flimsy, mongrel hangars that move into the closet from nowhere….


  2. Someone has built a better hanger – try Huggable Hangers from HSN by a gal named Joy Mangano. Honestly, I think you’ll be amazed. They’re thin, you choose the colors, clothes don’t fall of of them, and you can actually get more clothes in the same space. Never thought I’d be talking about hangers and especially raving about them, but I advise trying these. Kish will love them.


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