Surf Chicago

Saturday afternoon, Richard, Kish and I took a long walk along the shores of Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago.  What we saw was not the Chicago I’ve come to know during my many wintry visits.

It was a beautiful day, with temperatures in the 80s and bright blue skies, and the shoreline was hopping.  There were hundreds of bikers, joggers, and walkers using the paths, and when we got to the Oak Street Beach it was like we had been teleported to Florida. Sailboats and motorboats bobbed in the surf, palm trees bowed and swayed in a strong, warm breeze, and the beach was packed with swimmers, sunbathers, occasional dippers, and drinkers. Dozens of people were savoring cold adult beverages at the Oak Street Beach bar and grill.

The surf crashed against the break wall next to the beach and the spray felt cool in the summer air.  I’m sure the water was cold, but there were lots of people in the lake and they all looked to be having a good time.  If you’ve got a Great Lake — even one that is only swimmable for a few months — why not make maximum use of it?  I’m sure it makes living in Chicago a bit more interesting, and a bit more fun.

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