Horseshoe Hotbox

I’m not going to Ohio State’s home opener tomorrow, and I’m kind of glad.

Normally the first games of the year are great.  You get back into the football mode, do a little tailgating, watch the Buckeyes kick the butt of some overmatched team, and get to see lots of players play.  But tomorrow’s game will not be a normal game, and I’m not talking about the off-season developments or the fact that seven Buckeyes are suspended for the contest.

No, I’m talking about the weather.  The Buckeyes’ game has a noon start time, and the forecast is for temperatures in the high 90s.  The players on the field will lose hundreds of pounds in water weight, struggling through the steamy weather in their equipment and uniforms, but at least they have trainers to keep an eye on them.  I’ve been in the stands for early games where the temperature hit the low 80s.  When my seats have been in the sun field it has been miserable — the rays beating down, lots of concrete and plastic radiating heat, and tens of thousands of people sweltering in close proximity.

I can’t imagine how hot it will be, sitting in the stands tomorrow.  If you are a Buckeye Nation stalwart who is going to the game, remember:  Liberal deodorant application.  Suntan lotion.  Hat.  And lots and lots and lots of water.

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