Horseshoe Hotbox (II)

As predicated, the Ohio State-Akron game was a hotbox.  The game featured blazing sunshine and temperatures that reached near the century mark.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that medics treated dozens of people for heat-related conditions, and University officials opened up cooler areas of the Stadium, including the band room, for people suffering from the effects of the heat.  As for the band itself, members received bags of ice to place on their baking noggins, as shown in the Cleveland Plain Dealer photo at left.  The TV report on the game showed that a huge number of alumni band members fled for shaded areas and ice water rather than endure the cruel heat and sun in the stands.

As bad as the spectator seating was, the field was worse.  One official had to leave the game, and the trainers were working overtime to keep players hydrated and cooled off.  Normally temperatures in the 80s at game time produce lots of cramps, but there didn’t seem to be many yesterday.  Perhaps that is a sign that this year’s Buckeye squad is particularly well-conditioned.

It will be good to get into true football weather — for fans, players, bandies, and officials alike.

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