The 2011 New Albany Walking Classic

Today was the seventh annual New Albany Walking Classic.  Billed as America’s largest walking only race, the event attracts thousands of entrants, from Olympic-caliber athletes to casual walkers looking to get some exercise.  This year, organizers added a half-marathon to the traditional 10K race distance.

This year, as always, the New Albany Walking Classic route went right past our neighborhood, which means trying to drive from our home to the New Albany Country Club to play golf is to be avoided — unless you want to be accosted by Boy Scout troop leaders in full uniform or New Albany Walking Classic officials.  Rather than run that risk, I donned my golf shoes and joined the walkers as I journeyed from our house over to the golf course.  Along the route, we were serenaded by some very fine chamber music from two members of the New Albany Symphony Orchestra and got to see an artist working on a painting.  Later on, members of a marching band provided the musical accompaniment.

Although the New Albany Walking Classic is an inconvenience for those of us who live in the North of Woods neighborhood, it is nice event for the community.  And this year, I even got in some walking of my own.

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