Goodwill Toward Man

I can’t remember if it was yesterday or the day before we were watching the video shown above of everyday citizens doing the right thing and getting involved when neeeded.

Awhile back I was at my pool swimming laps and a mother was at the pool with her young daughter and even younger son. The kids were in the pool swimming while their mother was sitting in a lounge chair talking on her cell phone. The little girl started yelling mommy, mommy and when I looked across the pool the little boy was going under the water so I just swam over and pulled him up and sat him of the edge of the pool. His mom was oblivious to what was going on and of course thanked me.

Not as grand a scale rescue as the one above, but I think I may have made a difference. My niece Amy said that I don’t post enough happy articles on the family blog so I hope this one meets with her seal of approval. If the news you are seeing is dreadful as most of it is these days – you can go to where they post stories geared to lift peoples spirits and inspire lives.

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