Let The Braxton Era Begin!

In a few hours, Ohio State will take the field against the Colorado Buffaloes.  The Buckeye Nation hopes that it is the start of a new era — the era of Braxton Miller.

We’ve been told that Miller will start for the Buckeyes, and I’m glad to hear it.  It’s time to put the image of “Laughing Joe” Bauserman out of our minds and exorcise the demons that have haunted us since the Miami debacle.  Miller is a freshman, and he will make mistakes as he did last Saturday night — but Miller, not Bauserman, is the future of Ohio State football.  I’d rather see Miller get his snaps and work on improving his game, including holding onto the ball, even if it means a few turnovers and bad decisions.

As painful as the Miami loss was, it is only one loss, and it counts for nothing in the Big Ten race.  Anyone who watched the Miami game knows that Bauserman is not the answer, and there is no reason to think he will perform any more capably against the likes of Nebraska or Wisconsin, which appear to be much better teams than the Hurricanes.  If Ohio State’s offense is to get back on track, Braxton Miller, with his multi-dimensional talents, needs to be at the helm.

Today, let the Braxton Era begin!

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