The Sock Hop Lineup Gets Set

Last night New Jersey Governor Chris Christie rejected the musings and suggestions of anonymous sources and insiders and made clear that he is not going to join the 2012 race for President.  We’ll hear some longing sighs and expressions of regret, but then we’ll move on.

In some ways, our presidential selection process is like that awkward 8th-grade “sock hop” that your Mom made you attend.  As your classmates arrived, you spent much of the time looking at the gymnasium door.  A guy might wonder if that cute girl from algebra class was going to come, and a girl might hope that the dreamy guy who sat two rows behind her in home room would show up.  At some point, though, the gym doors would close, the music would start, and the assembled crowd would focus on who was actually there and ready to dance.

I’m sorry Christie isn’t running because I think his ability to articulate the issues and merits of his positions would add something to the race.  But he’s not coming to the dance, and with state filing deadlines rapidly approaching the gym doors soon will be closed.  In the meantime, we’ll start to give the current Republican lineup closer scrutiny.  We’ll see whether any of them look like good candidates for the presidential foxtrot — or whether we decide not to dance after all.

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