Corn Amazing

People have used the 911 service to make some weird emergency calls, but this may take the cake — or the corn.

A Massachusetts couple took their three-week-old child into a corn maze in Danvers.  About an hour later they were hopelessly lost, darkness was beginning to fall, and the mosquitoes were starting to bite.  So the couple took out their cell phone, called 911, and asked the police to “rescue” them.  The police obliged, and the K-9 unit arrived and found the befuddled family before the call even ended.

In fairness to these people, the maze does look to be pretty elaborate, and apparently it takes people, on average, 45 minutes to work their way through the full maze.  But taking a three-week-old child into a corn maze?  Really?  And calling 911 to have the police “rescue” you from a corn maze?  Really?  The woman in the couple said their predicament was “embarrassing,” but I’d say it was more than that.  What if the police who were helping the couple had been needed for a real emergency — and been unable to make it because they were helping the freaked-out couple avoid a few mosquito bites?

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