The Curious Attraction Of Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator doors are a large, empty canvas waiting to be filled.  You arguably can tell more about a person from careful study of their refrigerator doors than you can from looking in their medicine cabinet.

No refrigerator magnets?  Almost certainly a soulless, insufferable neatness freak, or perhaps an android hurled back in time to kill you and change the future.  A collection of brightly colored sayings about friendship purchased from the local Hallmark store?  Run away screaming, because you are about to be enthusiastically “chippered” to death.  Large, magnetized photos of the host and his family, with a magnetized mirror besides?  Time to reread the Greek myth of Narcissus.

Even in less obvious cases, the magnets can tell you a lot.  Does the person have very nice, sturdy magnets that they’ve purchased or cheap magnets they received from the dentist’s office or the dog boarding service that can’t hold up the weight of a fly’s wing?  Are the magnets richly decorative, or strictly functional like shiny binder clips, or a mixture of both?  Do the magnets tell you where the person has taken a recent vacation, or give a glimpse of her religious beliefs?  Do they hold up kid art from your sentimental host’s now fully grown children?

Of all the detritus we accumulate during our lives, nothing is quite so evocative as our refrigerator magnet collection.

4 thoughts on “The Curious Attraction Of Refrigerator Magnets

  1. I agree that the refrigerator door is like a visit card for everybody, for example now ours is all covered with baby’s magnets and pictures, because everything in our lifes goes around our baby… 🙂


  2. @Ben; newer ones take magnets again. I agree – the front of the fridge is like a glimpse into the family, ours is littered with a ton of stuff. I try to neaten it before parties but end up forgetting and someone always ends up commenting on something that I have not even ‘seen’ in ages.


  3. The “Sister” magnet is the best! My sister and niece have contributed to the collection of magnets on our fridge.

    It’s interesting to see this post of a man’s perspective; my husband doesn’t contribute to the collection but he has made it known that he likes it.


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