How The Mighty Have Fallen

Muammar Gaddafi lived by the sword, and now he has died by the sword.

Gaddafi was an unbalanced individual who somehow ended up running an oil-rich country that produced enough money to allow him to regularly engage in international intrigue and terrorist schemes, including blowing up airplanes filled with innocent people.  He kept the people of Libya terrorized and subdued for decades.  He used the UN as a platform to broadcast his curious ideas and bloodthirsty revolutionary philosophies.  He supported terrorists and thugs, because he was one himself.

When the people of Libya finally had enough and rose up against their tyrannical dictator, Gaddafi tried to crush the dissent with violent repression.  When that didn’t work, he issued warnings and vowed to fight to the death.  According to today’s news report, however, he was found huddled in a sewer, and when he was dragged from his hiding place he pleaded for his life.  His captors ignored the pleas, executed him summarily, and paraded his dead body through the street.

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