And Speaking Of Jared Sullinger . . . .

Here’s a picture, taken earlier this year by Jim Davidson of the great website, of the slimmed down Jared Sullinger at an Ohio State football game.

Sullinger looks pretty badass in this picture, doesn’t he?  I frankly didn’t think Sullinger had weight issues last year — in fact, his butt got more positive comments than Jennifer Lopez’s — and I don’t think his weight had any effect on his stamina or his performance late in the game.  I think you want centers to have a bit of meat on them, to facilitate the low-post banging that is a hallmark of Big Ten basketball. Beanpoles need not apply!

Sullinger’s skinny look may indicate that Coach Matta is going to more of a “twin towers” approach where both Sullinger and Amir Williams are in the lineup at the same time, and Sullinger has the ability to step back and shoot the jumper or, perhaps, take it to the rack.  You have to wonder at what the weight loss will mean for Sullinger’s quickness around the hoop.

He does look badass, doesn’t he?

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