C’mon, Uncle Mack — Join The Webner House Party!

Allow me to digress for a moment from weighty topics like lipstick-stained coffee mugs to delve into a family matter.  I’m trying to get Uncle Mack — my ace intellectual property lawyer uncle, whose recent retirement I wrote about here — to contribute to the Webner House blog.

Readers, I need your help!  Uncle Mack seems to be a bit reluctant to dip his toe in the water and join the internet blogging community —  even though I know there is a frustrated author lurking somewhere inside him and an audience that would be interested in reading what he has to say.  It’s too bad.  I like it when multiple Webners weigh in on the issues.  I think it makes the blog a heck of a lot more interesting, and my guess is that our hardy band of readers feel the same way.

So readers, can you give Uncle Mack some encouragement?  Who among you wants to hear what a recent retiree, a fine lawyer, an avid golfer, and a recent transplant to the South with a sharp wit has to say about just about anything that strikes his fancy?

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