The New Albany Wetland And Nature Preserve

Over the weekend Penny and I took a walk over to the New Albany Wetland and Nature Preserve.  It’s a good place to visit on a fall afternoon, and for a dog who likes to sniff just about everything, it’s one of the greatest places on earth.

The Preserve is an 85-acre plot of land located across the street from the New Albany High School.  A path winds through it, but it looks like it has been left in close to wild condition.

The southeast part of the Preserve is woodlands, and the northwest part is, for the most part, small ponds edged with cattails and reeds.  The New Albany-Plain Local School District uses the Preserve as a platform for study of nature and wetlands.  (Dr. Science says the Preserve is too small to fully serve the filtering function of a true wetland, but it’s not bad for something that is in the middle of a suburb.)

When you walk into the Preserve, the sound of the workaday world is left behind.  The wooded area is nice and cool, and you feel like a kid walking around, kicking through leaves.  When you get to the wetlands area, the goldenrod and other plants sway in the breeze, frogs plop from the shoreline into the water, and the ducks swim slowly away.  It’s pretty and peaceful, with just insect sounds and the rustle of leaves for background noise.

I think it’s pretty cool to have a nature preserve within walking distance.

1 thought on “The New Albany Wetland And Nature Preserve

  1. Bob and Penny.
    Your website on the New Albany nature Preserve is elegant. You make me proud of your experience in our nature preserve. Are you the gracious Bob who built me a Georgian Bird Feeder?
    Bill Resch
    telephone number 614-264-9778


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