The March Of Civilization, Writ Small (Cont.)

The Occupy Wall Street protests continue to teach us useful lessons about how civilization works and how individuals react in different social situations.

The latest story is of the revolt of the OWS kitchen staff.  They have been slaving over a hot stove — or whatever they use for cooking — for 18-hour days, turning out high-end grub.  They serve things like organic chicken and vegetables, spaghetti bolognese, and sheep’s milk cheese and roasted beet salad.  Now they’re ticked because they believe “professional homeless” people, ex-cons, and other freeloaders are showing up at Zuccotti Park, eating the free food and otherwise acting as leeches on the buttocks of the “movement.”  So the kitchen staff protested by not serving food and then providing only low-end food like brown rice and PB and J sandwiches.  And in other developments, a 10-person volunteer security force patrolled the “trouble-prone southwest section” of Zuccotti Park in a “show of force” to clear out the rabble.

It’s like that Sim City game that Richard played years ago.  The OWS protesters were the “have-nots” until they became the “haves” — and then other “have-nots” showed up to try to get theirs.  So, the budding OWS civilization has to police who gets the chow and set up a security force to keep order.  If they don’t budget carefully and devote some of their energy and resources to security and preservation of property, their civilization will fail.

How long do you think it will be before the “professional homeless” launch an Occupy “Occupy Wall Street” protest?

1 thought on “The March Of Civilization, Writ Small (Cont.)

  1. I’m bothered by the term professional homeless. It ties into that inconvenient soap and water requirement I have. It troubles me too, because how do we measure professionalism in the homeless? How do we know that it is a choice rather than a necessity for people who truly can’t function within the confines of society? The whole scenario is uncomfortably close to “Thunderdome”.


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