To Blog or not To Blog ….

Blogging seems benign enough until you decide to actually commit yourself to putting words on paper – or rather out in the ether. Blogged words are forever available to all to consider: the F.B.I., C.I.A., Mom, Dad, siblings, children. (I’m reminded of the Facebook horror stories of those who didn’t think their bosses, and others about whom they comment would be viewing their unguarded moments.) In addition, a blogger has to consider others who are blogging on the same site, if there are others on the same site as there are at Webnerhouse. A new entrant has to be concerned how his or her blog will compare with the other contributors’ works.

And so, I have to consider how any blogs I may add to Webnerhouse will stack up with other Webner contributors, primarily Bob and Jim. Bob’s contributions are prolific and, usually, entertaining. The dog things don’t do a lot for me, but otherwise he presents a formidable challenge to most anyone’s writing skills, and certainly to mine. Jim’s contributions are fewer but well considered and usually about something of importance to him and, thus, well thought out and well presented. So it is with these concerns prominent in my mind, I will with fear and trepidation and at Bob’s urging submit some ruminations to Webnerhouse from time to time.

Once that commitment was made I had to then consider the all important issue of when does one write one’s blog? Apparently Bob writes his morning, noon and night time, as soon as any new breaks that he feels deserves comment. For me, as a retired person, I don’t have a lot of extra time on my hands. Therefore, a decision has to be made. Do I write first thing in the morning or the last thing at night or sometime in between? I can’t write while on the golf course, that’s clear. So mid-day is not an option most days. Late afternoon is music practice time – a retirement exercise I have taken up, modestly seriously, to try to keep dementia at bay. I am a slow starter in the mornings, and so the early a.m. is not really an option. Late at night, if I forego the martinis is probably the best time for me – but foregoing the martinis may be an issue. I may need Bob’s guidance on this subject. Today, I decided that I would not watch any professional football as none of the teams particularly excite me this year. So this Sunday afternoon, at least, by default presented itself as a viable time slot for blogging.

The next consideration will be what subjects to take on that may be of any interest to any chance reader of the blog. I am not without opinion on most topics and I am now of an age where I don’t have to be concerned if anyone agrees with me or not. That allows for a wide range of matters to be “discussed.”   This could get interesting, once the fear is put to rest.

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