The Trophy Kids Grow Up

A few weeks ago I finished a book written by Ron Alsop titled The Trophy Kids Grow Up: How the Millennial Generation is Shaking Up the Workforce. The reason I decided to read the book is typically when I get together with my older friends no matter what their occupation they have some pretty interesting stories about young adults currently entering the workplace.

As this article points out college students opinions of themselves and their employers opinions of them differ vastly. Students believe they are excellent, enthusiastic and energetic and their employers view them as entitled with outlandish expectations. Most of the book gives examples which were pretty outrageous. One story was about a college student who had just started with the company and balked at the fact that he wasn’t allowed to meet directly with the CEO of the company to discuss his ideas.

Other stories pointed to the parents of this generation who seem to be highly involved in the lives of their children. Some brought their parents to job interviews with them. Some parents would call to complain that their child didn’t get a big enough salary increase and wanted to know why.

I would not only recommend this entertaining book to an older person, but to young people as well just starting out on their career path so both can get the other side’s prospective and help bridge the generation gap at work. It did seem like the author spent a lot of time covering generation Y’s negative traits and not quite enough time on their positive ones.

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