To All Webnerhouse Readers

I think that Bob would agree with me that one of the fun things about the family blog is that even when I am not blogging I like scrolling down through the comments that readers take the time to make. A special thanks goes out to Elroy Jones and Mike N who have made the bulk of the comments on Webnerhouse.

Our longest comment was from Mizuno Girl who took the time to make the following comment to Bob’s blog on the Supreme Court deciding whether or not the Healthcare Reform Act is or is not constitutional –

I’m a huge fan of the Healthcare Reform Act and I actually do wish that much of Obama’s healthcare policies had come to pass. You see I am an emergency room nurse and I see patients each and every day who have no access to healthcare. They attempt to use the emergency room for all sorts of things. We can help many of them, but a guy came in the other day who had a sore throat for four months and it turned out to be a tumor. Unfortunately we can’t treat a tumor in the emergency room. Of course he had no insurance and said he would have gone to the doctor much sooner had he been able to. Had he done so the tumor would have been much smaller and probably quite easy to treat.

So we see this which is disheartening and then we are required to see people who arrive complaining that their left toe has been hurting for ten minutes. I sure would love it if we could try to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for all. I am not sure why it has to be such an inflammatory issue. I mean we are supposed to be an advanced country aren’t we ? I think I would rather pay a bit more in taxes to support affordable healthcare, but I suppose I am in the minority. As Americans I know we are said to give generously to charity, but at times we sure can be selfish.

Thanks Mizuno Girl for taking the time to put down your thoughts in writing and giving us some food for thought – we very much appreciate it !

1 thought on “To All Webnerhouse Readers

  1. I remember Mizuno Girl’s response, excellent observations.

    It’s interesting how a family blog has taken off and attracted a following. I find myself thinking, “I guess I’ll see what the Webners are up to.”


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