Gallery Hopping

We were down in the Short North last night for dinner with friends, and the place was hopping. 

Okay, that’s a bad pun.  We had forgotten that it was a Gallery Hop night.  On the first Saturday of each month, the Short North galleries are open late and all of Columbus seemingly descends on the area.  Last night, there was a big turnout, where the Gallery Hoppers mixed with the scarlet-emblazoned post-Ohio State home game crowd and even a small but vocal “Occupy” protest.

I don’t know if the Occupiers were there to protest the rampant — and encouraging — capitalism on display in this area of restaurants, bars, shops, and galleries, or whether they were just there because they knew they would have an audience.  I particularly liked one sign carried by a protester:  “4.00 GPA and employed!  I’m doing this for you!”  I guess we should all be grateful for the efforts of that self-aggrandizing yet altruistic protester.

Our dinner guests were from out of town, and I know they liked the bustle of the Short North.  For visitors who think of Columbus as a boring, white bread town, the Short North is an eye-opener that really helps to show the cultural diversity Columbus has to offer.

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