The Mumkin Gambit

Ever heard of a “mumkin”?  In our neighborhood, they are everywhere, because the local schools have decided that students should sell the “mumkins” as part of a kind of fund-raising project.

A mumkin isn’t related to a munchkin.  Instead, as the photo accompanying this post reveals, it’s a pot of mums stuck in a plastic jack-o-lantern planter.  Of course, it’s really more than that.  It’s a means for public schools to try to raise more money from their communities.  In this case, I’m not sure that the revenue generated by the sale of the mumkins is even devoted to a specific project.  My sense is that the proceeds just go to the school to use for . . . whatever.

I’m sure that whatever company grows the mums and makes the “mumkin” planters and then markets them to schools as a fund-raising device is happy that the New Albany schools decided to sell their product.  I don’t blame the kids who are out selling what their teachers have told them to sell, either.  Kids are supposed to listen to their teachers.  However, I think it is unseemly for our local schools to send students out on the streets to sell things, no matter how much money those sales might generate.  What’s next?  How often will the schoolkids in our neighborhood be asked to go door to door?

1 thought on “The Mumkin Gambit

  1. I barely recall selling magazine subscriptions and candy bars back in the day. I can’t imagine what genius thought it was a good idea to have kids sell candy bars. All of my friends and I ran allowance deficits from eating rather than selling. We scrubbed a few floors to work off the allowance advances.


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