Sacred Ground

Tonight a friend invited me to a function that allowed me to visit Ohio Stadium, see the recruit lounge and the press box, and walk out onto the field.  (Thanks, Shaun!)

To stand at the 50-yard line, on the one little patch of the Earth’s surface where the Griffins and the Spielmans and the Georges and the Parkers and the other great Buckeyes have played for the last 90 years, to walk the sidelines where once Woody Hayes and Jim Tressel prowled, to look up at the huge bowl of the stadium from field level, was some kind of awesome.


Barhopping in Savannah

Last Friday mom, Amy and I arrived at Savannah airport around five and took a cab to the downtown Marriott Courtyard. After we got settled in our rooms we asked the front desk for a dinner recommendation and we decided on The Distillery which was a short walk across the street.

The Distillery had a huge selection of beers and ales to choose from, Amy ordered a wheat beer and I had a pumpkin ale which were both good. Mom ordered up appetizers which were all tasty, but Amy hit a home run by ordering alligator tails for dinner which can sometimes be chewy, but these were the most tender I have ever had. I had some crab soup the next day that was out of this world. We would highly recommend this place.

After we finished dinner we dropped mom off at the hotel and Amy and I set off on a fifteen minute walk to the Savannah River district which I had read about. On our way there we came upon the city square that had quite a bit of activity so we decided to stop at The Rooftop Tavern which was an open and airy upstairs bar with black light art and a huge balcony that overlooked one of the busy streets below. It was a beautiful evening so we relaxed awhile at one the balcony tables. The picture above is an example some of the art work that decorated the walls on the walk up to the bar.

When we got tired of the Rooftop the door guy recommended another bar close by called The Rail. The Rail is an old southern house that had previously been a boarding house/brothel converted into a bar. It’s rumored that the place is haunted. The music at this bar was real good and by the time we decided to leave the place was packed with lots of young people.

While at The Rail I told Amy I wanted a chocolate martini for my nightcap so Amy befriended some guys at The Rail who led us to Jen and Friends Martini’s a couple of blocks away. Jen’s was a small place, but packed and the martini’s were delicious and reasonably priced (only $7). Jen’s signature chocolate martini included a large chocolate bar laid over the top of the glass.

Overall our short stay in Savannah was terrific. The city was very clean and the next day Amy and mom enjoyed some of the many shops in the downtown area. Each of us would definitely go back to Savannah for another visit so if you have never been there give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.

On Elfin Fingers

I never realized how thick-set and uncoordinated my fingers were until I got my iPhone.  Of course, the fact that the iPhone keypad is apparently designed for elfin fingers hasn’t helped.

I liked the BlackBerry keypad.  It was a permanent keypad, with little raised buttons that were completely thumb-friendly.  The iPhone, however, dumps the permanent keypad in favor of a temporary one that vanishes when not needed, in order to accommodate a larger screen and better visuals.  The price of good visuals, however, is a tiny set of touch buttons that are best suited to the light touch of dancing fairy feet. Does anyone who doesn’t live in the world of the Lord of the Rings actually possess the thumb dexterity needed to routinely accomplish shift-A or shift-S?

My stubby-fingered, stumbling attempts to type on the iPhone keypad are a source of deep personal embarrassment.  I’m very concerned that I’m going to wear a hole in the screen where the backspace/delete button appears.