Sacred Ground

Tonight a friend invited me to a function that allowed me to visit Ohio Stadium, see the recruit lounge and the press box, and walk out onto the field.  (Thanks, Shaun!)

To stand at the 50-yard line, on the one little patch of the Earth’s surface where the Griffins and the Spielmans and the Georges and the Parkers and the other great Buckeyes have played for the last 90 years, to walk the sidelines where once Woody Hayes and Jim Tressel prowled, to look up at the huge bowl of the stadium from field level, was some kind of awesome.


1 thought on “Sacred Ground

  1. As you know, I’m not a sport’s enthusiast but this is such a sweet piece I had to comment. Soon it will be basketball season and my husband will be lost in the alternate reality. There is something to be said for heros and idols, who were truly great, and the hearts of young boys that beat strongly in the bodies of middle aged men.


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