The Friendly Road To Cincinnati

Last week on the drive down to Cincinnati I passed this sign along I-71, as I always do.  There are two billboards, actually, with warnings about hell on one side and the Ten Commandments on the other.  (I’ve been doing pretty well on that graven image one, by the way.)

I always wonder what the judgmental owner of the property thinks this grim sign will accomplish.  Does he imagine a scenario where an unrepentant sinner is driving down the road, perhaps whistling in pleasant recollection of his various misdeeds?  Does he believe that the sinner will catch a glimpse of this sign as it flashes past, suddenly realize, with a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach, the many errors of his ways, and then decide to follow the path of righteousness?  Does he expect the driver to make both a literal and figurative U-turn and be illuminated by the Ten Commandments on his return path to redemption?

I think hell certainly can be real, and it may well be found in very close proximity to this sign.

2 thoughts on “The Friendly Road To Cincinnati

    • My apologies for the quality of the photo. In reality, the “H” in Hell is in red lettering — the better to indicate the flames that will burn and torment sinners.


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