Santa Scene

Kish and I went to see a movie at Easton this afternoon, and when we left this evening I realized the mall was packed.  What was going on?

I looked around and, to my surprise, saw Jolly Old St. Nick.  He was there on stage, a child on his knee, flashbulbs popping, as a line of excited toddlers and their pushy parents were waiting to get the holiday tradition checked off the list before Thanksgiving even arrives.  The whole interior was decked out in bright lights and holiday spangles and signs.

When I left, there was a huge traffic jam in the Easton garage as inconsiderate shoppers just decided to stop their cars in the exit lanes until somebody left and other inconsiderate shoppers cut people off and drove the wrong way down up ramps trying to sneak around the jam and get the hell out of the garage.  I was glad to see that everyone was full of holiday cheer and good will toward men.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

3 thoughts on “Santa Scene

  1. Ahhh – Christmas in the USA – isn’t it wonderful ! The sad thing is we have probably all forgotten what Christmas is really all about !


    • I must be old because it was lots more fun when we were kids. We didn’t have a prolonged shopping season and Gramp read the Christmas story, from the Bible, as we sat around the tree before presents were opened.


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