Zuccotti Park Debris

New York City sanitation workers have been sifting through the debris removed from Zuccotti Park when the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters were evicted by police — and in the process are helping to flesh out the tale of the protests.

In all, 26 dump trucks of material was removed from the park.  (Twenty-six dump trucks!  The protesters must have been doing some serious accumulating and consuming.)   The people charged with sorting through the pile of refuse found at least two dozen hypodermic needles, rotted food, discarded personal belongings, and lots of broken glass.  There was so much broken glass mixed in with the other items that workers had to stop protesters looking for their stuff from sifting through the debris pile, so as to avoid injury.

Life at Camp Zuccotti sounds like it was pretty dangerous and dreadful in the days before the police closed it down.  I wonder how many of the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters secretly were relieved when the police took action, so the protesters had an excuse to leave the squalor and go back to their parents’ suburban homes for a hot shower, a hot meal, and a good night’s sleep?

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