Ohio Gets Weirder And Weirder

Some weird stuff has happened in Ohio lately. It’s turned our normally boring state into the constant subject of strange news stories.

Exotic animals have been set free to roam the countryside near Zanesville.  An odd Amish cult that features beard-cutting as punishment has sprung up in northeastern Ohio.  And now we learn that some bad guys in Noble County allegedly have been using the internet to lure strangers who are desperate to get jobs on a non-existent farm and then try to murder them and take their belongings.  This purported scheme was discovered only because the villains were unsuccessful in killing their latest victim, who was able to make it to a nearby house and alert authorities.

It’s sad to think that Americans are so desperate for work that they would load all of their possessions into a car, drive to a faraway state, and follow complete strangers into a wooded area in hopes of earning a living on a farm they’ve never seen.  It’s even sadder that Ohio has to be the site of such a cruel scheme.


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