Anticipating Supercommittee Failure

The news about the debt supercommittee — the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction — is not good. According to the Washington Post, the supercommittee members have gone on the Sunday talk shows to effectively concede they won’t succeed and to begin to prepare for the impending failure.

We can expect that each side will blame the other.  Congress might not be able to make hard decisions, but they are peerless in shirking responsibility for failure.  Even more sad, yet predictable, Congress also is talking about deactivating the automatic spending cuts that were supposed to make a grand compromise more likely.  If they do that, of course, the entire supercommittee charade will be exposed as a silly sham that has done nothing except demonstrate that our leaders lack the discipline and the will to make tough choices — even when the grim example of countless debt-ridden Eurozone countries shows clearly what ultimately will happen if our constant deficit spending habits are not curbed.

We are seeing an amazing lack of leadership in Washington, D.C., from the President on down.  Hang on to your hats tomorrow; if the financial markets get the idea that the supercommittee will fail and that no cuts of any kind will be made, we may be in for a serious stock market meltdown.

The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

There are only three in our pack now.  Young Master is gone.  The Wrestler is gone.  There is just the Leader, me, and the old boring guy.

Sometimes the Leader leaves, too.  I will check the place where the Leader likes to sit.  When she isn’t there, I know I am stuck with the old boring guy.

The old boring guy gives me food in the morning, and we go for a walk.  Big deal!  Other than that, he pays no attention to me.  He’s weird, too.  He sits, and looks at these boxes.  Sometimes he yells at one of them.  What is his problem?

I will go and stare at him, so he knows to get me food.  This always works with the Leader.  But the old boring guy just ignores me.  What’s up with that?

Hey, old boring guy!  When I stare at you, it means you need to get me food!  I am hungry!

Turducken On T-Day

We’ll have a full house for Thanksgiving this year, and Kish and I have decided to mix things up a bit — but just a bit — for our holiday meal.

I think it’s important to have certain inviolable traditions at the Thanksgiving dinner.  What’s Thanksgiving, for example, without a plate featuring a cylinder of jellied cranberry sauce, still maintaining the ribbed shape of the can from whence it came, ready to be sliced, with perhaps a sprig of garnish to provide a certain presentational elan?  And mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams, and pumpkin pie are, of course, required.

Still, it’s nice to add something new to the mix.  This year, we will experiment with a turducken.  A turducken is a relatively recent culinary invention, hailing from the South, in which a duck is inserted into a chicken, which is then inserted into a turkey.  You end up with the fowlest combination imaginable.  (Sorry about that one, but I couldn’t resist!)  The turducken is supposed to be more moist and flavorful than your standard Butterball.

We’ll also have a small turkey for the rank traditionalists — just in case.