Turducken On T-Day

We’ll have a full house for Thanksgiving this year, and Kish and I have decided to mix things up a bit — but just a bit — for our holiday meal.

I think it’s important to have certain inviolable traditions at the Thanksgiving dinner.  What’s Thanksgiving, for example, without a plate featuring a cylinder of jellied cranberry sauce, still maintaining the ribbed shape of the can from whence it came, ready to be sliced, with perhaps a sprig of garnish to provide a certain presentational elan?  And mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams, and pumpkin pie are, of course, required.

Still, it’s nice to add something new to the mix.  This year, we will experiment with a turducken.  A turducken is a relatively recent culinary invention, hailing from the South, in which a duck is inserted into a chicken, which is then inserted into a turkey.  You end up with the fowlest combination imaginable.  (Sorry about that one, but I couldn’t resist!)  The turducken is supposed to be more moist and flavorful than your standard Butterball.

We’ll also have a small turkey for the rank traditionalists — just in case.

3 thoughts on “Turducken On T-Day

  1. Turducken? Really?! I find that brining makes a very moist turkey.

    The more important question is: what are you drinking? Of course, while I do serve wine for those who like it, Thanksgiving dinner really requires beer. No wine quite plays off the roastiness of the turkey, stands up to the sweetness of the sweet potatoes, and handles the savoriness of the stuffing quite the same way. While biere de gard, saison and dubbel are considered classic matches, this year I’ll be serving my homebrewed export-style stout.


    • I think we will be going with red wine for the most part, although lately Kish has selected a theme drink for every occasion, so we may have a theme drink as well. We may also go for egg nog. With egg nog, you want to put it out early, before people get sick of it.


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