Rick Perry And The King’s Speech

We watched the Republican presidential candidate debate last night while we were waiting to go pick up Richard.  Every time we saw Rick Perry try to express his thoughts on the question presented we cringed.  It was painful — like the witnessing the struggles of stuttering King George VI to address the crowd at the All-England games.

Perry obviously has been a very successful governor of one of our largest states.  How, then, can he be so awful in debates?  He just can’t seem to frame a coherent thought and express it clearly.  It’s as if all of the buzz phrases and coaching points and planned gestures are dammed up in his head, pent up, and ready to tumble out in a rush if they could just find an outlet.  You can’t help but feel sorry for the guy — and I’m not sure that pity is the kind of emotion you want to generate if you are running for President.

Kish and I loved The King’s Speech, but we’re not ready to see it played out in miniature every time the Republican presidential candidates have a debate.

Happily Home For The Holidays

Last night we met Richard at Port Columbus as he came home for Thanksgiving.  This morning we’ll meet Russell there, too.

Normally airports are not happy places.  People are tired and frustrated.  Tempers grow short during the wait in the security line.  Travelers grow irritated as they hurry through the clumps of people standing at the gate.  In a typical airport setting, you see bored, anxious, and hard-set faces.

But not when you are at the airport to meet an incoming passenger at Thanksgiving.  As we waited for Richard to arrive at the entrance to the A concourse last night, we saw members of our military returning to their spouses and children, college students meeting their parents and girlfriends, and families hugging and squealing.  Faces lit up as happy reunions occurred, and a feeling of joy was heavy in the air.  We experienced it ourselves when Richard walked into view, and our Thanksgiving started two days before the official holiday arrived.