Black Friday Showdown: “Occupiers” Versus Shoppers

According to news reports, some “Occupy” protesters are calling for “occupation” of outlets of large, publicly traded retailers — that is, virtually every store found in America — tomorrow.  If it happens, it would set up a monumental clash of the titans on the biggest shopping day of the year:

Ladies and gentlemen:  Welcome to the Black Friday throw down!

In this corner, a ragtag band of “Occupy Wall Street” protesters with a bad case of “bed head.”  They’re scruffy, angry, and utterly convinced of the righteousness of their cause. 

And in this corner, legions of amped-up holiday shoppers.  They’ve been up for hours, they’ve chugged gallons of black coffee, and they’re gunning to get all of their holiday shopping done in one stressful 18-hour period. 

The contest has begun!  The Occupy protesters have blocked the door to the Wal-Mart!  They’re doing their annoying human microphone shtick and trying to explain why large corporations suck.

 But the shoppers aren’t listening!  They’ve formed a flying wedge of shopping carts handled by angry plus-sized women who want to take advantage of the big Black Friday sales!  They’re ramming the Occupy protesters.  Wait just a minute!  Some of the shoppers have fainted from that special “Occupy” odor!  And the “Occupiers” are demanding free stuff from the shoppers!

Ladies and gentlemen, the confrontation has turned into a general melee.  The shoppers are clubbing the Occupy protesters with their heavy purses!  But now a phalanx of “Occupy” drummers has entered the fray!  Their loud, discordant drumming has momentarily stunned the shoppers!  Hold on a moment — the shoppers have regrouped!  They’re slashing at the Occupy protesters with the edges of their credit cards, and the Occupy protesters are giving way . . . .

If the “Occupy” protesters follow through with a Black Friday attempt to occupy stores, I’m betting on the shoppers.

Striving for Perfection

A couple weeks ago while on the flight back from Savannah I borrowed the current number one best seller, Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson from my niece Amy and finished it last night. While reading the book I would often think back to the huge bulky desktop computers we had at work in the early eighties compared to today’s sleeker more user friendly versions.

Early on Steve met up with electronics geek and future Apple partner Steve Wozniak (Woz). While working at Atari Steve’s boss gave him the assignment of developing a single player version of pong where instead of competing against an opponent the player would volley the ball into a brick wall that would lose a brick when hit.

Steve’s boss said there would be a bonus if less than fifty chips were used in the process so Steve recruited his friend Woz to develop the game with the fewest number of chips possible. Woz used less than fifty chips and Steve received the bonus but never shared it with Woz. This incident seemed to set a precedent for Steve’s future business dealings and from that time forward he would do whatever needed to be done to be successful often taking others ideas and saying they were his own.

With Steve there was no middle ground, either things were great or they were crap. If he said something was crap it would hopefully motivate his employees to try to find a better way to do things, if not he would get rid of them. People who worked for him were either Gods or Shitheads, he wouldn’t tolerate any less than the best working for him.

Words that come to mind to describe his management style were obnoxious, controlling, manipulative, ruthless and driven. His overbearing style led to many troubled relationships with friends and competitors and of course led to his ouster from Apple for a period of time.

The book is approximately 600 pages and it goes into a lot of detail, but I really enjoyed reading it and I am interested to see if Amy likes it as much as I did.

Happy Thanksgiving From Webner House!

We’ll have a full house at the Webner House today.  We’re expecting 18 people in all, and it will be good to see every one of them this Thanksgiving.

The card tables and chairs have been set up.  The extra leafs have been inserted into the dining room table and the kitchen table.  The whole house is gussied up with holiday decorations.

And the refrigerator — oh, the poor refrigerator! — is groaning with food.  Every square inch of interior refrigerator space is packed tight with the makings of our holiday meal, from the turducken on down, as well as enough beer, wine, and soda to float a small battleship.  Penny knows it is a special day today and already is on the prowl, nosing around for tidbits and leftovers.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  We hope your holiday today is special and memorable.