The Tradition Continues

It’s hard to believe that on November 25, 1987 Paul King, Bill Kemp and I went out to play golf at Raymond Memorial and who would have thought that twenty four years later the event has grown to a group of almost thirty playing in The Day After Thanksgiving Turkey Cup.

No matter what the weather, we play golf. Today the skies were sunny and the temperature was in the sixties here in Columbus and fun was had by all. By the way Mark Kragalott (that’s him next to me kneeling in front) won back the coveted Burgundy Jacket which he gets to keep until next year and will have his name inscribed on the Turkey Cup after shooting a 78 at Thornapple Country Club.

There’s nothing better than getting together with longtime friends, playing some golf and talking about the good old days – life doesn’t get any better than this !

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