The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

Every morning the old boring guy feeds me, then we go for a walk.  We always walk the same path, every morning.  Every morning!  Why?  Don’t look at me!  Why do you think I call him the old boring guy?

As we walk, I try to smell as many things as I can.  I like to see if I can smell the other dogs I’ve met, like Shep and Sassy.  Usually the old boring guy doesn’t let me do much smelling.  He just pulls me along, which makes the walk even more boring. What is his problem?  Doesn’t he know that smelling to see who has been there is the only reason to take a walk?

But there is one place where I always get to stop and smell.  It’s like my own little park.  I always smell the post in the middle of the lawn, because other dogs have been there.  Then I smell along the fence line, because other dogs have been there, too.  It’s good to smell the other dogs.  Then I make sure that they can smell me, too.

Then we go home, and I go to sleep, and then I wait to be fed again.  Why not?  I am hungry!

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