Boardwalk Empire, In Hell

Wow, things have gotten disturbing on Boardwalk Empire.  This season we’ve seen the show morph from a relatively innocent, Prohibition-era tale of Nucky Thompson and corruption, bootlegging, and the rise of organized crime in Atlantic City and Chicago into a very dark story, indeed.

We’ve seen babies borne out of wedlock, then deserted by their mothers.  We’ve seen the racist underbelly of the jazz age and the power of the Ku Klux Klan.  We’ve seen brother pitted against brother.  We’ve seen divorce and cheating.  We’ve seen stroke-addled people slapped into submission and friends  felled by murderous rage.  We’ve seen the rise of the IRA and the introduction of heroin, purely as a money-making proposition.  We’ve seen main characters dropping like flies, and most recently we’ve seen the American version of Oedipus Rex.  My God!  What could possibly happen next?

It sure is exceptionally riveting television, though.  We can’t wait until the season finale on Sunday.

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