The White Chocolate Ginger Star Assembly Line

It’s been a full day of baking, but I’m just about done.  I’ve got cookies for Mom, the boys, clients, neighbors, friends — and a few left over for Kish to nibble.

For a while we had quite an assembly line going, particularly as I finished the white chocolate ginger stars, which were fun to make and taste pretty good, too.

As always when I have one of my baking days, I end up with a new appreciation for people whose jobs require them to be on their feet all day.  After standing in the kitchen for hours, my dogs are really barking.

3 thoughts on “The White Chocolate Ginger Star Assembly Line

  1. These are just about the prettiest Christmas cookies I’ve seen. Having just had the Riemenschneider family cookie bake, I can relate to your tired feet. With 6 little kids “decorating” the cookies, I’ll bet my floor had lots more sprinkles on it that yours did.


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