Calling For Christmas Cookie Recipes — 2011 (Fin)

For me, at least, the 2011 version of the Christmas baking season has ended.  The last hot baking sheet has been removed from the oven, the last warm cookie has been balanced precariously on a spatula and deposited with care on a plate, and the last cookie tin has been delivered to family and friends.

Every year there is one new cookie that seems to be the breakout cookie of the year, and this year it was the white chocolate ginger stars.  It not only was a fun and challenging cookie to make — especially the dipping into hot white chocolate mixture part — but it got really positive feedback from my cookie eaters.  I’d recommend it to anyone, with this note of caution.  The recipe for this cookie that I posted this year makes a lot of cookies — probably six dozen or more, using my Star of David cutter.  If that is too many for you, cut the recipe in half.

If you’re still in the midst of your holiday baking, I wish you good luck, and hope that you enjoy the baking as much as I do.

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