Rock Center Christmas

According to Ordinance 330(j) of the New York City Municipal Code, if you are in the Big Apple in December you are required to visit the holiday decorations at Rockefeller Center at least once.  (The Rockettes, however, are optional).

Yesterday, we satisfied our legal obligations.

The area around Rockefeller Center was jammed.  The skaters were there, and so was the towering Christmas tree, and golden Prometheus was floating above the ice rink, bringing fire to the chilled masses.  An officious, leather-lunged police officer was trying desperately to keep people from standing on benches to take photos.  Good luck with that, officer!

After slowly moving through the throng, dodging mothers who were aggressively using their children’s strollers to clear a path through the madness and commenting on how the tree was not as large as we thought it would be, we exited on the Fifth Avenue side, past a gantlet of trumpeting angels.  A Salvation Army group was pumping out Christmas music, and the Christmas spirit was heavy in the air.

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