The Book Of Mormon, Christmas Eve

Yesterday we went to see the hottest show on Broadway, The Book of Mormon.  We had to pay a premium to the ticket brokers, but it was an early Christmas present.

The Book of Mormon is the latest work of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and it has all of the comedic elements you would expect from the creators of South Park.  It follows the misadventures of a mismatched team of two Mormon companions as they complete their training and leave on their mission of conversion to a small, war-torn, AIDS-riddled village in Africa.  It is profane, obscene, irreverent, and hilarious — and yet has a positive message lurking amidst the skewering of religious belief and simple faith.

Of course, people don’t go to Broadway musicals for deep ruminations about religion — they go for singing, dancing, and laughs.  The Book of Mormon delivers on all fronts.  From the bell-ringing opening, to Turn It Off, about the Mormon trick of dealing with bad thoughts, to Spooky Mormon Hell Dream, which features appearances by Jesus, Satan, Johnny Cochran, Jeffrey Daumer, and Hitler, among others, this show is packed with great song-and-dance numbers and funny lines.  The fact that most of the singing and dancing is done by buttoned-down, clean cut, chipper Mormons in their white, short sleeve shirts, black pants, black ties, and black shoes, just adds to the enjoyment.

A Simple Card And The Spirit Of Christmas

Christmas isn’t about getting gifts, it’s about giving them.  Sometimes the gifts can be material, but often the best gifts are intangible ones — in the form of expressions of good will, or sharing a happy memory, or spending time together while holiday music plays in the background.

This sweet and simple story about a Christmas card that was sent back and forth between friends for 60 years, and now is treasured by the survivor, speaks to what Christmas really is all about.  We can only imagine the pleasure and good humor that the two friends felt when the holiday season approached and they looked forward to their annual card exchange.  The unremarkable and corny Christmas card produced enormous happiness and lasting memories for those two friends.

I hope every one of our Webner House readers is enjoying similarly wonderful Christmas experiences.